Trademark, Copyrights and Trade Secrets

The identity of a product is a vital aspect of its market potential.  We see to it that your investment in the expression and identity of your products is protected to the fullest extent possible.{ Glenn M. Seager }


Seager, Tufte & Wickhem (STW) provides services that help protect your product’s identity (i.e., brand) in the U.S. and abroad.  STW attorneys have extensive experience in trademark clearance searches and opinions, trademark applications, oppositions, cancellation proceedings, co-existence agreements, consent agreements, and cease and desist letters in the U.S. and internationally.

STW has an extensive network of foreign associates that STW attorneys work closely with to protect your brand in relevant markets internationally, as well as in the U.S.  STW’s network of foreign associates is particularly useful when choosing a mark if your brand will be used worldwide due to each associate’s specific knowledge of the laws and marks in its respective country.


STW’s copyright services include copyright registration filings, licensing, and litigation-related services.  STW attorneys work with you to obtain copyrights on your creative expressions and help you assert and maintain your rights in those creative expressions.

Trade Secrets

STW can assist you protecting and maintaining your trade secrets.  STW attorneys advise on the pros and cons of maintaining an idea or concept as a trade secret rather than filing a patent application on that trade secret.  If the trade secret route is selected for your idea or concept, STW provides guidance on maintaining the idea or concept as a secret and protecting its independent economic value.  Among other tools, STW attorneys provide non-disclosure/confidentiality agreements, along with information on how and when to use such agreements.