Due Diligence and Agreements

Whether it is due diligence in preparation for negotiations, negotiations for a sale of intellectual property, or development of agreements reflecting negotiations, Seager, Tufte & Wickhem (STW) attorneys are experienced in assisting with transactions (e.g., purchases and sales) involving intellectual property.  Additionally, STW attorneys have expertise in a variety of transactional agreements involving intellectual property.

Due Diligence

Generally, due diligence reviews and analyses of intellectual property facilitate identifying a value of a business.  With such reviews, STW identifies all intellectual property assets and liabilities of a target (e.g., a target business or portfolio) and assesses the quality of the identified assets and the risks associated with the identified liabilities.  STW due diligence reviews can be tailored in scope to address a particular issue or be wide ranging, as required to meet your business needs.

STW due diligence analyses provide guidance to both buyers and sellers of intellectual property.  A due diligence review on behalf of a buyer provides buyers a comprehensive review and analysis of the intellectual property that is being purchased to assist in establishing a value of that intellectual property and confirm what is to be purchased.  A due diligence review on behalf of a seller facilitates sellers in preparing responses to requests of buyers and allows a seller to increase its understanding of the market value of its intellectual property.


STW attorneys provide guidance on what documents are required for effecting a transaction or agreement involving intellectual property.  STW develops documents for intellectual property transactions and agreements on a case-by-case basis to meet your particular transaction’s needs.  Additionally, STW attorneys are experienced in negotiating agreements related to intellectual property and provide guidance on negotiation tactics.  Agreements on which STW attorneys have experience include:

  • Independent Contractor Agreements
  • Employment Agreements
  • Intellectual Property Cross-licensing Agreements
  • Intellectual Property Assignment Agreements
  • Intellectual Property Exclusive License Agreements
  • Intellectual Property Non-exclusive License Agreements
  • Intellectual Property Sale Agreements
  • Non-disclosure/Confidentiality Agreements
  • Trademark Co-existence Agreements
  • Trademark Consent Agreements