IP Strategy Development

Seager, Tufte & Wickhem (STW) attorneys work with inventors, in-house attorneys, and business personnel to develop intellectual property (IP) strategies that meet your business needs.  STW assists in developing overall IP (patent, trademark, copyright, and trade secret) portfolio strategies for your business, while also providing guidance in developing IP strategies for specific products and services or specific invention disclosures.

STW works within the needs of your business to develop a strategy of IP procurement, which may include one or more of establishing joint development agreements, procuring patents based on your business’s invention disclosures, obtaining and/or granting a license to one or more patents, purchasing entire or partial patent portfolios, setting up procedures to maintain in-house confidentiality and trade secret records, procuring trademarks and copyrights around a marketing campaign or branding campaign, and others.  Such strategy development is configured to establish, maintain, and advance your market position relative to competing products and companies.

In addition to assisting in the development of IP procurement strategies, STW assists in establishing commercialization strategies for your IP portfolio.  Through research and an intimate knowledge of your business, STW attorneys provide options for commercializing your IP portfolio that include developing products covered by your IP, licensing one or more portions of your IP portfolio, and selling all or a portion of your IP portfolio, while providing recommendations thereon.

STW’s IP strategy development services include, among others:

  • Development of IP Presentations
  • In-house IP Audits
  • Invention Disclosure Documenting
  • IP Strategy In-house Educational Materials
  • IP Strategy Sessions
  • Joint Development Agreements
  • License Drafting and Review
  • Market Analyses
  • Sale Agreement Drafting and Review