Our engineering experience is a strong asset to our clients.  We can identify the patent potential in components or design details to obtain complete protection for your inventions.{ Glenn M. Seager }

Our attorneys are trained engineers or scientists with technical experience in all aspects of design, patenting, and product development processes. We specialize in medical devices and therapies, but are fluent in all mechanical fields.

Seager, Tufte & Wickhem (STW) offers clients a distinctive combination of engineering experience and legal expertise.  We have the real-world technical know-how that allows us to quickly grasp and interpret your concepts in a legally significant matter to broadly protect your mechanical design.  STW’s approach often involves working with your marketing, research and development, and manufacturing divisions during all phases of product development to cover all aspects of new product creation.  By including us early in the mechanical device development process, STW can help identify and document the patentable aspects of your designs and assist in procuring intellectual property that is commercially valuable to your business.

Our knowledge of mechanical design and manufacturing covers a broad range of components, processes and industries. Relevant industry sectors include:

  • Agriculture
  • Construction
  • Electromechanical
  • Manufacturing
  • Medical Devices (surgical – diagnostic – therapeutic – orthopedic)
  • Recreational Devices and Systems