IP Auditing and Market Analysis

Seager, Tufte & Wickhem (STW) provides auditing and market analysis services that allow you to keep a finger on the pulse of your business’s IP portfolio and on the pulse of the competition.  By understanding the direction of your competition and your position with respect to the competition, you can determine opportunities in your market and where to direct your business.

IP Auditing

STW attorneys assist you in auditing your IP portfolio to determine its strengths and weaknesses.  By reviewing your product lineup and IP portfolio, STW is able to identify areas in which you can focus your resources to best boost the quality of your portfolio.  Additionally, through IP auditing and market analysis, STW attorneys provide guidance on strategies that best apply your resources to boost the quality of your IP portfolio by addressing the identified areas.

Market Analysis

STW provides in-depth analysis of what your competitors and potential competitors are doing to protect their technology.  STW customizes its market analyses to your needs, which can include a one-off analysis or on-going analyses.  Such market analyses are configured to provide valuations, an understanding of IP litigation activity in a market, and guidance on IP coverage in a market by inventor, assignee, or technology, and provide general trends in that market.